Move Coordinator

Move Coordinator

In addition to other possible duties/functions, the employee in the above position will be mainly responsible for the following:

1) Coordinating the export & import of Commercial Division shipments handled by Gridiron.

2) Ensuring the proper documentation of Commercial Division shipments. This includes ensuring that all documents are received, correctly completed and are submitted to U.S. Customs, shipping lines and other agencies/parties.

3) Monitoring and scheduling the payment of freight charges with the Accounting Department.

4) Approving invoices pertaining to Commercial Division shipments by scanning invoices into our computer system, auditing open invoices in tasks, confirming all charges, having incorrect charges rectified, & processing invoices for payment.

5) Providing input & ideas helpful to the operation of the Division & Company.

6) Keeping up to date with export & import regulations and procedures, as well as the requirements of customers.

7) Seeing to it that all assigned shipments are traced regularly with carriers and agents as to always be aware of the current status on all shipments.

8) Ensuring that file records in our computer system are updated.

9) Ensuring customers are updated on the current status of their respective shipments.

10) Compiling rates for the movement of Commercial Division shipments, formulating rate quotations, and quoting completed rates to customers.

11) Correctly planning and executing the proper routing of shipments with carriers & agents according to the rates previously obtained for the movement of the respective shipments based on lowest costs/high quality = best value, selection & use of proper carriers depending on the shipment type & requirements, and meeting Required Delivery Dates when specified.

12) Making bookings and routing Commercial Division shipments. Using correct agents as best determined to

handle shipments.

13) Ensuring the correct billing of all shipments, including:

a) that all chargebacks or accessorials are properly billed

b) all pre-paid accounts are collected in full prior to shipment release.

14) Work efficiently, correctly, and being productive within the guidelines of company policy.

15) Keeping Management advised of any problems, issues, trends, etc… that you notice or come to your attention

16) Achieving a given level of customer satisfaction.

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